Are You Getting Your 5 a Day?

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Are You Getting Your 5 a Day?

How to Boost your Emotional Wellbeing in 5 simple steps from TODAY

Evidence suggests that building the following five actions into day-to-day life is important for good mental health

  1. Closeness and Connection

Social support and relationships acts as a buffer against mental health problems. If someone is isolated they can begin to feel depressed. There may be many different reasons why their lives have become lonely, but it is important to start to do things differently. Connecting with people in the world. your community, family, friends, neighbors bring a feeling that you belong to the wider community.

  1. Physical Activity/Exercise

Gym memberships can sometimes be expensive but believe it or not they are now available on prescription for a wide variety of health conditions, not just depression and/or anxiety/stress. It may be worth checking with your local gp surgery if this is something that is available, you may have to see your gp to write the prescription. However, if attending a gym doesn’t appeal then going for a walk, a bike ride, taking up dancing or doing an activity which you enjoy you are more likely to carry on doing it. Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you try so it’s definitely worth trying new things until you find something.


  1. Learning a new skill

Acquiring new skills and knowledge can bring a sense of purpose into your life as well as improve self-esteem. Sign up for something new, if money is in short supply then find something that you can afford, or which is free.


  1. Give to others

Volunteering or giving to others can help you feel great about yourself. Speaking kind words to someone or even a smile (it doesn’t cost anything) and you’d be amazed at how a smile can brighten how you feel and those around you. Bigger acts of kindness such as offering to help at a local community centre can not only help your mood but also make you develop relationships with people in the wider community


  1. Be mindful

Learn to live in the moment. When we are caught up thinking about the past living in regret or worrying about the future it can have a big impact upon our emotions. When worry about the future becomes overwhelming it can not only cause severe anxiety but also affect you physically causing tension, agitation, insomnia. One effective way to shift your focus of attention so that you can feel healthier by living in the moment is mindfulness. It can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges. Mindfulness can help boost your mood, energise you, feel calmer and more at peace with the world.


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